Premier "Private" Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida is one of the top experiences in this area.  The wide variety of things to see is astounding!  From true Florida Swamps to Disney and the theme parks and more.  See Alligators, Deer, Hawks and even Bald Eagles in the wild!  Float effortlessly over areas untouched by human hands.  Our flying area has so much to offer everyone.  Flip Flop Fantasies specializes in Premier Private flights.  This means that you are the only people on board the balloon and have a private tour from Captain Terry Dillard (A lifetime native of the area).

Despite what many (Who have never flown on a Hot Air Balloon Ride Orlando) believe a Hot Air Balloon Ride is one of the most tranquil and peaceful modes of transportation in the world.  A Hot Air Balloon literally floats thru the air like a raft floating down a slow moving river.  There is absolutely no sensation of motion at all!  If you had your eyes closed you would not even be able to tell if you were going up or down.  Because of this amazing peacefulness many who suffer from a fear of heights have no issues at all with a Hot Air Balloon Ride.  In over 40+ years of flying Capt. Terry has never had to land and let someone out of the balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Orlando are weather permitting.  A Hot Air Balloon requires very specific weather conditions for safe flight.  Light and stable winds are a must.  These conditions occur most often during the first hour of daylight each day.  This is the primary reason balloon flights are conducted at sunrise each day.  Once the sun rises it begins to heat the earth.  This heating effect begins to make the atmosphere boil like a pot of water on a stove.  When the atmosphere becomes turbulent it will create conditions that make controlling the balloon difficult.  There are also many days that are simply not safe to fly and Capt. Terry never takes chances!  With a 100% safety record spanning over 45 years you are in some of the best hands around!

See our Weather or NOT page for more information about the Go/No Go process.

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Heating up the hot air balloon.
Hot air balloons launching in the Disney World area
Hot air balloon ride in the Disney World area.
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