Yes the Flip Flop Balloon will attend your Balloon Event / Festival


Check our Booking Calendar to make sure your event dates are open.  Click HERE to see our calendar.

Flip Flop Fantasies Inc. will furnish the balloon, all necessary equipment, and support vehicle. The balloon will be operated by a commercially licensed pilot provided by Flip Flop Fantasies Inc. Flip Flop Fantasies will perform up to two flight operations per event day. Flight operations shall be conducted weather permitting (am flight and pm flight) only. Each flight operation shall not exceed one hour in duration.

During your Balloon Festival we offer two Flip Flop Flight Operations per day.

1). A tethered balloon operation: We will secure the Flip Flop balloon on your launch field in front of the crowd for an evening tether or glow.

2) We will conduct a free flight operation from your CLP (Common Launch Point) and we will take an event sponsor or guest along on the flight!  Only one passenger per flight.

*The event may choose which operation they would like The Flip Flop Balloon to perform for either the Sunrise or Sunset flights.

Weather conditions / limitations.

A. Tether operation without passengers 7 MPH
B. Tether operation with passengers 5 MPH

A “Free Flight” Balloon Operation: Flip Flop Fantasies agrees to perform a free flight in lieu of the above mentioned TETHERED BALLOON OPERATION. Flip Flop Fantasies agrees to take one passenger on each flight. Radar may not show thunderstorms of level 2 (Orange) or above, located within 50 miles of balloon operation. In all cases Flip Flop Fantasies Inc. reserves the right to not fly or operate the balloon under conditions that would pose a real or potential hazard to persons or property; such decisions will be made by the pilot.

Appearance & Operational FEES:

The Listed event above agrees to pay an appearance fee of $750.00 for each of two (2) appearances per day. A minimum of two day contract is required for an event.  In addition an operational fee shall be charged each time the aircraft is assembled and inflated. The additional inflation fee is $500.00 per occurrence with a limit of two per day.  A 50% Non-refundable deposit is required to secure event dates. Operational fees incurred (Weather Permitting) will be charged upon the completion of the event and due within 30 days of the event conclusion.


A NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $750.00 per day (Minimum 2 day contract required).  The deposit is due with the signed agreement to reserve the balloon and event dates. The balance of the event appearance fee shall be made no later than 7 days prior to the start of the event or the date of the first event appearance or flight operation.  Additional payment for operational fees (flight time) is due 30 days from the conclusion of the event or from invoice issue date.

If you are ready to sign up the Flip Flop Balloon for your event CLICK HERE to be taken to our online Event Contract form.

Please double check our availability on our Booking Calendar.