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Captain Terry Dillard.

He began his ballooning life in the 1970’s  This was considered by many to be the real “Hey Day” of ballooning in the United States.  offering balloon rides central Florida, The 1980’s, saw the sport double in size more than once during that decade.

Terry was involved with the Rosie O’ Grady’s balloons in Downtown Orlando.  He had a storefront in College Park on Edgewater Dr.  His balloon shop was called simply Balloons By Terry.

In the early 1990’s Capt Dillard became involved with the LightShip Group.  They operated blimps all across the country.  He became one of their pilots and eventually a top pilot.  Terry was flying the Met-Life (Snoopy) blimp as well as the Blockbuster blimp and several others.  ON many occasions if you were watching a large sporting event that was being televised with shots from a blimp (Indy Car, Pro Golf to name a couple) Capt. Dillard was flying the blimp.

After retiring from blimp service he returned to his first love of Hot Air Balloons.  Wanting to provide a first class alternative to the “Cattle Car” balloon ride mentality where they cram 10 to 12 or even up to 18 passengers in one gigantic basket, Terry wanted to do personal “Private” style flights.  This would give him the ability to share his passion on a more intimate setting.

Having flown in the area, and wanting to offer Balloon Rides Central Florida, Terry, Not wanting to offer the same old style of balloon ride.  Terry chose to not only make things first class and personal he wanted you to be able to fly in a balloon that would also be a one of a kind balloon.  When the Flip Flop balloon came up for sale Terry flipped over it.  (Pardon the Pun)

You will find Capt Terry Dillard to not only be an expert pilot but his knowledge of the area (as a native Floridian) is simply amazing. His Balloon rides central Florida trips are fantastic.

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