Balloon Ride Orlando Meeting Location is just off interstate 4.  We meet in the Champions Gate area. This meeting location is central to our flying area. Since balloons float with the wind the actual launch site will vary each day.  So we start our program at one central location, then biased on the wind directions and speeds the pilot will determine the launch site each day.  Hot Air Balloons are navigated by using different layers of wind at different altitudes.  By altering the balloons flight altitude the pilot can navigate from a launch site to an intended landing area.

We are located just west of interstate #4 at exit 58.

8390 Champions Gate Blvd, Davenport, FL 33896

Meeting times are determined by sunrise.  Sunrise will not wait for you.  If you fail to be on time you may loose your flight.  Try to be early just in case.  We suggest you have a look around our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Hot Air Ballooning.  There is a treasure trove of questions and great explanations and answers to be found on that page!

Flip Flop Balloon Ride Meeting Location